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  • from $16.60

    Kale Powder

    8 reviews

    What Is Superfoods Powder? Superfoods powder, such as kale powder, is made from ingredients that are known to be high in vitamins, minerals, and ot...

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  • from $12.96

    Kelp Extract

    8 reviews

    What Is Kelp Extract (Laminaria japonica)? Kelp extract (Laminaria japonica) is a large brown algae seaweed in the Laminariales family that grows i...

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  • from $14.96

    Konjac Root Extract (90% Glucomannan)

    3 reviews

    What is Konjac Root (Amorphophallus konjac)? Konjac root (Amorphophallus konjac), also known as elephant yam, devil's tongue, snake palm, voodoo li...

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  • from $17.98

    Krill Oil (Softgels)

    602 reviews

    What Is Krill Oil? Krill is a type of small crustacean in the Euphausiacea family that is found across the world in every ocean. Similar in appeara...

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  • from $12.96

    Kudzu Root Extract

    2 reviews

    What Is Kudzu Root Extract (Pueraria lobata)? Kudzu root extract (Pueraria lobata), also known as Japanese Arrowroot, is an invasive perennial vine...

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